Turistično vodenje Tina Hudnik s.p.

The Ljubljana team is full of love for Slovenia. We are a team of passionate travellers, who absolutely love to wear away our soles as we explore and nourish our souls with local sights, soothing sounds, and delicious food. We take pride in sharing Ljubljana city with all the lovely people from around the globe, and in a sustainable, ethical, and responsible manner. Join us as we take you around Ljubljana's best-kept secrets and provide you with an authentic local experience.   

Our Ljubljana Urban Adventures team consists of extraordinary local tourism professionals, who are exceptionally versed in the rich history of Ljubljana. Our leaders are licensed city guides, and provide entertaining and informative experiences, where you not only get to enjoy but also learn something new to share with friends and family back home. We are here to help you create pleasant and lasting memories with your friends and loved ones.  

We are committed to Urban Adventures’ responsible travel policy and implement this across our entire operation. If you’d like to know more about our responsible tourism efforts, please read our Responsible Travel Guidelines for Travellers and Top 12 Responsible Travel Tips. Please keep these tips in mind when travelling, not just on an Urban Adventure, but the whole time you are on the road.  

Come and have the best day ever in our beautiful city, Ljubljana, and hvala lepa (thank you) for visiting our page.